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Year : 2016


Type: Eatery, Restaurant, Leisure room.

Mood:  Architecture, Interior, Furniture design, Retrofit, Art Direction, workout direction on site

Cava de Tirreni, Salerno, Italy

Area: 145 sqm

Total Intervention Cost  150.000 euro.

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Fresconi eatery


Itt is an Eatery where people enjoy music , and food. AtelierPla  designed a place where the fire resistant bricks become a real design core material, joined by the theatrical scene created by the 4200 pieces of iron suspended by the ceiling. All the hall furnitures , as the tables, the stools, the concrete and tile bench, are samely designed by Pamela Larocca Kaud us and made by local artisans, shaped in concrete and iron , and finally treated by a film of transparent resin, which is also layered on the floor finishing. This gives to the interior the mood of a stunning garden indoor, after a rainy day. The lampshades, designed by PLA KAUD as well as everything else, are entirely handmade by local artisans in different materials such as mud, concrete, aluminium and cotton and the patterns are printed using bespoke methods.

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