The Ecofloat self sufficientUnit

Climate change, desertification, and the rising amount of population settled on coastal cities and areas, are the main factors, which make so dangerous  the increasing amount of flash floods phenomena. The Flash floods are this way main cause of death and hunger, and by our study, taken both by the Global Food Security Index relevation and by the Nasa Agency public databases, it is very easy to understand that most of the countries where flash floods gave most damnages, are also the countries where it is a general food lack, with its consequencial disease. Indeed, in the affected areas the main consequence of these pheonmena become the lack of first survivance goods and it is a pure truth that the countries where the quality of the housing is poor, the flash floods give more risk , in a never ending circle of causes and consequences. More then this, these poor places are often in wetland settlements, or in countries where the relationship with the sea it is both of risk, and of necessity to get survivance and food resources. The most credited Nasa Forecast tells us that the worldwide sea level will be increasing its height by 4 meters in the next 30 years, and in numeric therms, this is likely to cause the death of 130.000.000 persons, in an apocaliptyc and plausible scenario.

It is mandatory, to define serious strategies which should guarantee life saving tools and also, self sufficiency as more as we can. The Flood Farm it is an Housing Unit and also, a performative machine which it is capable to provide food to 200 individuals by just its indoor aeroponic farm, to 460 by its top roof farmyard coped with the indoor, and to 4000 by the indoor spirulina production.

The coltures on top floor may be also different in species and the space , and three different layers of ‘skin’ define the possibility to change the exterior cladding territory by territory.

The house-farm is meant to be a prototypical cell which will be describing a real new way of life, highliting the impossibility to continue in our resource-wasteful way of living.

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