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Glazed Building and annexed civic public realm to host the new Guggheneim Helsinki Museum of Art. 

Masterplan, Architecture,

Art, Public, Realm, New development

Competition, Participant

YEAR 2014

Helsinki, Finland

Total intervention scheme,12000 sqm masterplan

Total Intervention Cost ,8.000.000 euro.

The GuggheneimHelsinki ArtMuseum

project it is centered on the idea to divide and identify the both the Museum Galleries, whose entrance is allowed on demand,  and the public flows.

The Architectural concept it is about organizing two main volumes like wedges, which are composed in one entire,  unique joint.
The first one, meant to be for Services and Public Areas such as the Bookstore and the Restaurant with an open view by e towards the quay, and the second on  for the Galleries and Exhibition spaces.

The First would be enveloped in a clear glazed cladding, the second one, should be someway hidden by the direct see, through a frosted-glass exterior screen done by a continous sequence of glazed panels facade.

So, whilst the exterior is composed in a white continuous glazed facade , transparent on the public wedge and opaque about the galleries and offices volumes , the public should be continuously flowing inside the building, using its spaces just like they were a natural consequence by the civic realm , which this way get larger and improved by the building presence.

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