Team pamelalaroccastudio|atelierProjectLeader: Pamela Larocca

Year: 2018


Client: Call for proposals ‘ Outros territorios’

Type: Educational, Public spaces, Tactical Landscaping, Artistic Direction

Location: Belo Horizonte, Buritis, Stilts

Site: 250 total sqm

Total Intervention Cost , 10.000 Dollars

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This project came out as an answer to the call for proposals named Outros territorios, apparently globally opened and very participated even if unfortunately just Brazilians designers went on entrying the winning shortlist.

The location of the project was Belo Horizonte, in Brazil.

The request was to think about some cost effective method to artistically reuse the spaces which relay underneath different buildings called Buritis.

The Buritis ( Stilt ) main characteristic it is given by the large forest of cement columnades which did allow to set these buildings  on their very hilly ground.

Off of some auspicable larger urban thinking, and due to the shortage of budget on forecast, we decided to deliver an idea of intervention base over the installation of movable colored ‘urban lens’, whose shape give actually them the sense of room separators, and which should be installed in the open permeable spaces thus confering to them the sense of wholely coloured spaces, just looking trough the lenses.

The intervention Quartum Em Cores ( Room in colors)  it is meant to be scalable in every different Stilt, as it comes clear by the competition brief that we wouldn’t necessarily allowed to put our eventual installation where we wanted, but where it will be considered the most feasible as possible.

Our intention was to make a proposal which would not need so much theorical explanation in order to interact with the people, and which will be interacting with the place and its sourrounding in the same time, by demonstrating how an hawkward place must be turned out as an amazing, stimulating place just in few geastures. This way, we do a proposal which includes a round disk where to take sit or just to take place, and three giant coloured lenses which in the same time, does feed back a different view of the neighborhood and also, a different image of the building itself. The underused space underneath the stilt just turns out as a delightful place where everything may be seen in a different light, making true the Marc Augè happyness description, where we need to know ourself, to give ourselves to others.

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