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‘CARRUBO TREE’ alike Buildings allowing digital room to show up agricoltural techniques

Anno: 2014

, Architecture, Preliminary stages

Educational Programme, New development


YEAR 2013

Italy, Vallo di Diano - Parco del Cilento, Participant Shortlisted

Total intervention scheme, 800000 sqm masterplan

Total Intervention Cost , 79.000.000 euro.

Strategies of densification

and development

in the Cilento | Vallo di Diano Area


The general project identifies strategies of a varied nature, such as the nature of the area of interest, applicable in many districts of the cultural enclave corresponding to the Cilento City, Vallo di Diano and Degli Alburni. The fundamental objective is the implementation of conditions of 'densification' of the territory, or the reorganization of the territory with elements, both architectural and strategic, or _scali or connected to the ways of use and functions, tense to 'unify' in a set of recognizable parts as belonging to a single cultural body, even with appreciable and fundamental diversity. Moreover, the primary objective of the hypotheses is to arrive at a model with a high probability of success, based on the study of the actual anthropic energies and the average displacement barycentres, which is aimed at the activation of urbanization phenomena, through the development of an economy where innovative structures will be highlighted in support of those who wish to be employed in the industries of tourism, advantageous crops, or simply moving imagining a tax that can reward the establishment of 'Neighborhood Groups'' made up of several groups of people willing to move to the city of Cilento reusing the built.

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