The high density ‘ryzome’ building

will be placed in Marne La Vallè, hosting 360 different Units where are mixed up diverse function, with a new concept of housing where little indoor aeroponic mini farms are provided to the domestic use.  The project perspect a buildings where to build up the new volume, no area is taken, by the existent vegetable turf. Basically, this means that the Built Area should be entirely covered by a new turf, itself, working out as the protection hat does in the rhizom cell. This new green space gets the same surface that the current unbuilt zone does.  Most clearly , the green areas remain the same in a smart comparison where we get the same green areas which we had before the intervention. To do this,to shape the Building design we used the generator concept of the rhizom. Indeed as the rhizom is a cellular entity where the top is occupied by the safety guard cell,so in our building the safety cell is done by the top roof entirely occupied by trees.Starting from the consideration that all rhizom are formed by cells,the apartments are configured through the same way, and connected by the common area working just like a bio linfa connector. The design seeks the symbiosis between architecture and biology, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements should do. The interface between the building and the public space becomes the hub where interaction between human and environment takes place. This interface is given by the mirrored "C" form of the complex, which encompasses the public plaza, and by the porosity from interior to exterior that characterizes all the apartments.