Alien Capsules conceived to host Arts and Design Capsule Projects.

Year: 2009


Client: Thisisnotagateway independant Urbanism Festival, London

Type: Urban Design, Social, Architecture, Visioning, Curatorial ,Educational, Public spaces, Tactical Landscaping, Artistic Direction

Location: London Overground tube stations

Site: 8 kilometers linear park

Total Intervention Cost , 650.000 Pounds


The 0.0.H.
brainfeeding environmental units

This projects is focused into switch the time the people spend in daily traveling in a time where the people may be learning new concepts and to be seeing arts and iconic objects.
We indeed all assume that out of our home, we deal with signals, environmental graphics and marketing messages.
Out-of-home media advertising (also OOH advertising or outdoor advertising) or out-of-home media (also OOH media or outdoor media) is advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside their homes.
Out-of-home media advertising is focused on marketing to consumers when they are "on the go" in public places, in transit ( such as in the buses), waiting (such as in a tube station), and/or in specific commercial locations (such as in a retail venue). OOH advertising formats fall into six main categories: billboards, street, roads, highways, transit, and alternative. What plastudio has been about, is to turn some consistent space which is outdoor and is not used for O.O.H. ‘s, into informative walls, having assumed the concept that our minds are got used to catch information that usually are not so much useful for us, until we are used by. by calculating that the only Transports for London Authority actually does manage at least 30 kilometers of overground Tube, we can see, that there are a consistent amount of walls that may be used to hosts cultural informations and exhibitions over.
The ‘Trojan Horses’ are contemporary ‘wunderkammer’ , where both arts pieces and digital  may find a proper space, so that, they actually come mixed with the routinary lifeso that, the average passengers may be reached not just by marketing advertises, but also by educational , emotional messages.  The project designs a series of 3d installations, where a metal cladding  does protect the internal space, squared 8 sqm, which contents come changing by places and by curatorial chooses.
The ideal location to the Brainfeeding units comes over places that aren’t commonly used by advertise ,, such as are the overground boundary walls, more then all, those ones which stands in front of long waiting stages, where a long time may be defined everyone overwhelming the two minutes. The project is ideological, but also defines a proper and maneagable way to offer artists, curator, designers a proper way to exhibit and to show up their work, in these ‘capsules-notresidencies’ programme.

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