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Project Leader:
pamela larocca
Team: felipe bermudez

14 Building done by cargos

Urban Design, Social, Architecture, Visioning, Curatorial 

Exhibitive , Public

phon penh competition

phon pehn,
Year 2018,partcipant

Total intervention scheme, 3000
housing units

Total Exstimated Intervention Cost , 1.000.000 pounds.


phon penh

Carghouse sangkat village is generated using 1680 cargo aggregates as a rhizomatic cell, where the core, consisting of the original cargo, will be covered by a skin given by two bamboo filtering areas.
This skin is completed by living bamboo plants.

The cargo units are organized in staggered assembly, which can reach 5 levels in height. The units can be accessed by means of a walk-through area reachable by means of a staircase connected to the ground floor, raised to avoid risks of raising the level of groundwater.
Each choice is made to meet local construction techniques and to mitigate the particular climatic conditions.
On the roof covering, a system of orange and fabric awnings is made, useful as mitigation to the effect of the sun and to the protection of edible crops created on the terrace.
The envelope therefore serves to mitigate the climate.

In fact very important will be the last level, which provides a continuous garden useful for growing vegetables and to keep the temperature comfortable. The orange awnings define the entire intervention as an impressive landmark.
The carghousevillage seeks cohesion between two main themes: rural architecture changes and the lifestyle of the farmers it is destined to, and achieving a more comfortable way of life in which the inhabitants can be obtained the dignity and also, to be happening in the 'learning how to build and maintain a comfortable and affordable housing solution on their own, in a acost effective way,.

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