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team Roberta Cerbone

Alien Info Point and Glazed Restaurant to vitalize an Acient Heritage

Architecture, Preliminary stages

Leisure, Heritage, Public spaces

Competition Yac, Un Infopoint per Roccascalegna 

Roccascalegna, Italy, Participant 

Total intervention scheme, 6000 sqm masterplan

450 sqm architecture, Buildings

Total Intervention Cost , 2.000.000 euro.


Rocascalegna, Chieti, Italia
The intervention shows up little holiday houses , one Infopoint and one Restaurant, with annexed Auditorium, which are going to change the Roccascalegna iconical place.
This should happen by establishing a new built character which should earn the place towards the contemporary age, also highliting the magnificent nature and history which are sourrounding in Roccascalegna. The local Heritage Ministry Department, it is conservative but not blind to contemporary public necessities.

Shortly, our project wants to be interacting with the place using an approach, which relies both on architectural and on landscaping tecniques,
and the little rooms meant to host the visitors, built in rammed earth, should  raise by the hill hips, as they should be leaned on those,in a respectful and shy way, as their shape and their material.

The materials also, must be occupying a primary role , leading both to the use of contemporary languages and to the rediscovery of very traditional ones.

Coming into particular , the hospitality architectures, with reference to the magic skyview provided by the place, are anchored to pathrays recalling to the Berenice astral chart -fan, keeping the Roccascalegna ancient walls like departing point. Part of the pathways are pedestrian, other appear like visual compelling stripes wich landart interventions make evident.

The apartments are facing the deep valley and the skyline, and accordingly to the Chieti-Pescara countryside tradition,
their wall would be built in terracruda-rammed heart, in the peculiar pisé treatment which results in an elegant skin texture which looks marble alike.

The housing units should be, everyone on a black painted metal podium , such as the entrance area, coupling in a performative way both traditional and contemporary languages.

Indeed, we did the choise to diffuse the hotel apartments, and differently, to club up all the main functions, such as restaurant_biblioteque , with the infopoint defined by new structures done by simple shapes. The public functions should be all placed into a mental glazed box, a perfect parallelepiped on a opaque podium which
contains the mechanical stuffs and the structural ironed platea. So, in one egg shaped metal box are contained the infopoint functions and working as a gateway to the entire settlement. The hill willbe equipped by art pathways referring to
the different land art operas, with an ideal reference to artists like Richard Long and Nils Udo.

With references to the liquid architectures,to the traditional Chieti countryside building techniques and to performative land art installations, the projects aims to be a simple but remarkable statement about how possible, to deal with an ancient and sensitive context, also providing integrated solutions in an intellettually independant mode

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