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Visioning, Art directing, curatorial

Year 2018

Disfunctional families

The Disfunctional Families project was born in the Virtual Gallery of the Studio. The research themes are two, one concerns the relationship between the object and its function, the second concerns the role of the art director when the objective circumstances prevent or postpone the realization of the curaterial project.

Pamelalarocca questions himself as an art director on the ways in which other designers and designers interact on the boundary line that demarcates, and sometimes ricuces, the themes of the artistic message and ergonomic functionality, beyond the ability of our mind to grasp the sign and the transmitted language. Up to what point does the dysmorphism of the function allow the recognizability of the object and vice versa, does the aberration of the form allow the function?

The narrative freedom that investigates limits and functions is often the daughter of Dutch experimentation, so the curatorial project Disfunctional families mainly focuses on the figures of Marten Baas, Ralph Ball, Maarten Kolk, and the British Daniel Firman.

The project was born to be exhibited online, in the dDAF virtual gallery directed by plastudio.

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