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project leader: pamela larocca

Pensile Systems that interact with the facades , by allowing to host art, graphics and design objects

Urban Design, Social, Architecture, Visioning, Curatorial

 Art Directing, Product Design

Year 2018

Ongoing Scheme.


Remake the city is a project where the aestetic meets the etic and also, pragmatic skills in a funny way.

The project aim is to establish practices to allow everyone to identify its/her place. Having as stigma the no-identity facades scattered everywhere , in the peripheries, around the planet, the project tells us that is time to give to the suburbian areas the same chance that main places indeed get, and that the secondary spaces deserves to be identified and do not let feel their inhabitants alone and lost in a grey shaped territory. Making an assessment about the fact that the human being needs recognition and sense of belongings, we ideate different ‘fast mount’ system which allows every facade to became something different. This way, the Urban space comes out as an outdoor gallery where every vertical plan may host meanings and identificative signals, and also, to bring with those sense of recognition to fight the loneliness and sense of abandonement which often shapes the suburban neighbouroods. The Studio, in partnership with different brands, it is developing diffrent ‘remake kit’ which should be ready to reach the global market in June, 2018.

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