Project @rights pamelalaroccastudio|atelier

Visual performance, Digital Visualizing.

Visioning, Art directing, curatorial

Year 2018

Brutalist Architectures as stage, London, Kiev, Tokyo

Total intervention scheme,4 Installations

Total Intervention Cost , 81.000 euro.


The project 'UNBELIEVABLE VISIONS' arises from wondering where the predominance of architecture on man has begun, up to crushing it, precisely in architectures of undeniable charm and brutal mold, creating in fact a distance between the being and the built that should respond to its functions, effectively separating the concept of architecture from that of living and psychic comfort. The pure architectures of the Nagakin Tower or of the metropolitan stations designed by the Soviet in Ukraine, to make examples, are undeniably masterly works where technical knowledge, drawing skills, determination of function have merged in an optimal way. Nonetheless, this rigid perfection was humanly repelling and led to the abandonment of many works. Last but not least are the cases of demolition of important design episodes such as the Robin Hood complex or the park ..... The theme of the cultural reacquisition of architectures in brutalist fashion, occurs in this experiment through the addition of the only element in they are lacking, or rather a certain levity and irony in interpretation. Giant puppets, colored bars, temporary and irrational frills invade lightly but dangerously manipulatòri, the visual field occupied by architectures of undeniable charm, making it a vital space, making a conceptually complex operation, where it is shown that the improvement the optimum can only be achieved through its barbarization. The chaos of vitality is therefore the gesture of a child, the designer, who can freely declare the king's palace naked, and does so by means of light, ironic gestures, bearers of the density of the crowd.

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