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Anno: 2018

The most iconic ever produced chairs complete set of icons

Graphic Design, Research, Design tools

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When I first started this project, It was so many years ago, when I was a junior designer in one of the most famous London design office and i needed to get a productivity tool for my workwhen i was involved with the written specifications  about the chosen finitures and furnishings. I just did not find it and i had to reply by being using those typical alphanumerical codes, which is correct and necessary, but just not effective, when it comes to presentations to clients .

Then, I had my master degree done, i  changed office and i started working in an architecture studio, which was my focus.

This time , i come up being used as main person with urban development presentations, and did found brilliant the the just published Neubalt Catalogue, a book which was including an set of vectors representing many different silhouettes. This tool was so efficient and generous, and made it very fast,  to be coming up with pictures which were very immediate, to communicate functions and objects, beside most technical tools.

Years later, I had my own office, and I decided to use those same Neubalt catalogue vectors to show up the urban functions in one major competition, in order  to be attending to the iperrealist renders by not being a common pictogram, but a real picture in silhouette.I actually won a large prize in that competition,and then in others, by using that method as graphic representetion way. I did thanks the Author so many times in my own mind, at least one for every single penny which I paid that useful catalogue. I still use that catalogue, I still use that gratefully, but time by time.

So now, i get my own office since eight years.

Same time, the office has been often involved in hotels and restaurants furnishing and re-furnishing,a nd also in corporate bespoke design , where the knowledge of the different languages which the furnitures already represents, it comes as a fundamental point, same way the capability to test what’s already on the market, when someone ask the office for bespoke furniture design project .

Here comes the silhouettes usability . Too many time i have just been blaming the fact that the young designers who come as interns,  when it needs to draw a chair , are drawing just a simple unnamed  chair. Same thing, some time, with the ones who are already employees. But I had to realize that i was pushing them hardly on demanding deadlines, so that they had to choose on to be tight on demand, or to be the most representive as they can, and those ones in them who did not owned such a great experience, they simply ended up falling down on basic representation methods, which does not fit with eye catching boards.

This was just an enormous waste of time to the office, as when coming at moodboards, the guys just had to come be entitling new searches. I had to admit which was very difficult to distinguish in between the lack of time and the lack of knowledge and passion, and so I did decide that was time, to find an escamotage to cross the doubts and save time.

So i did decide to give them the same tool i’ve been given, so much years before, by buying the Neuebalt Catalogue, and i started devloping the main iconic chairs silhouettes catalogues, also in order to test their real attitude. If you get the tool, therea re no excuses about the fact you can use it, unleast you lack the capability of be a fast chooser.

I did conceive the Silhouettes catalogues as the two-dimensional tool which gives interior designers the same productivity that the B.I.M.  softwares do provide to architetcts and engineers, by giving them the chance  to be telling many usable info’s just in a time, and being usable for free, once you bought them.

This way, the Silhouettes Catalogue of Icon Furnitures did appear in the office, and it is actually nowaday the most useful tool to be fast and effective, when it comes at to be deciding  which  tipology of interiors is the most adaptable by the different contexts. The Iconic Chair it actually  r

epresents the main chapter of this larger and ambitious atlas, which had birth as a productivity tool in an architecture and design office, and ended up being a larger, emotional and passionate research about what the best designers actually made in the furniture world.

This is an evolving research which is not exluded to be ending up with a real app, which actually helps interior designers into be choosing by type, years, brand, designer, dimensions. Actually, the 300+300Iconic Chair°research it is the starting point of this main goal. 

Beside this, I sarted understanding the educational  strenght of this tool.

As often it happens, the use of a tool just overwhelms, and improves,  the initial intentions. I was very surprised into be discovering how passionate and interested was  the very young people about this Iconic designs atlas, when they went accidentally passing through the office , and for 'very young' i do not mean those with some design or art literacy, but our childs , who eventually  bumped up in our screens when they were showing up the iconic silhouettes as screen savers. I had to end up explaining them why  the persons like Le Corbusier, Gaertano Pesce, Eero AArnio  , Costantin Grcic, Nendo,  have been deserving , and still do, such an imporant role by their innovative eye on furniture designs.

They went amazed.

I had also to notice how many times women designers such as Lina Bo Bardi, Cini Boeri , Charlotte Perriand, actual as Nika Zupank, they did the history with their cutting edge designs, and this is an hidden giants  story that you can easily can tell by using their designs shadows, in a way which is the easiest to be understood, and the faster to be used.

We want you all to be enjoying our Iconic Chairs Set, to make the DesignerAtlas the larger, ambitious, full cohomprensive and useful tool to tell the World about the Design world, its Icons, Its Giants , their passion, Our hystory and Future as people passionate about the only thing that just Human Being can be doing : The Shape, The Design.